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Delljet X1, X2 and X2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

Delljet is well known and highly demanded for its improved technological and professional specialties. The laser engraver and plotters of delljet are equipped with such features and specifications through which all the engravings can be carried with ease. There are different forms of options for plotting that can provide greater ease so as to make the size, speed and allingments more accurate and up to mark, due to this aspect the engraving is done faster.

Table Top
X1 model
X2 Model
X3 Model

The Tabletop model of delljet makes its more accurate and specific when engraving is done on hard metals, due to its cunning features. The multi functioning tools are designed in such a manner that its provide greater feasibility for the operator to make it convenient to operate. It can also be termed that table top is a plotter wherein different forms of base can be plotted for engraving. The different substances that can be easily engraved are metals, non-metals, card papers, leather sheets, plastic and more. A design form is used for engraving designs on such substances.

The tabletop model is no doubt the well performer in the engraving field but there are few more models that are also the main players. X1, X2 and X3 models are the masterpieces when it's about fast and accurate engraving. Each of these models carries its own features and benefits due to which each has a greater stand in the market.


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