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Graphtec CE-5000 Vinyl Cutting Plotter Machines

Convert your cutting jobs in clicking jobs by CE 5000 series of Graphtec

The outstanding performer in the market of cutting plotter ' Graphtec ' takes the top position when it's about performance cum reasonability factor. The CE 5000 series of Graphtec is not only demanded for its performance-based technology but also for its efficient capabilities of higher work efficiency. The high precision positioning of this model makes the cutting more accurate and Precise. The auto adjusting tools and edge cutting develops fine cutting on the sheets. The speed of this master machine is more than sufficient even when the resolution is on the normal speed specification. There are sub models under Graphtec which has their own benefits and specialties for professional cutting, The 3 series under CE 5000 are listed below wherein there glimpse of features are also highlighted with technical clarification:

CE5000 40
CE5000 60
CE5000 120

All of these models share some common and share different features too. Starting with the configuration then all these 3 model has the same configuration of Grit Rolling, again with the drive system of Digital servo, along with the CPU of 32-bit and few more. There are also few different features in these models such as its weight with approx 10kg for CE5000 40, approx 25 for CE5000 60 and 40kg for CE5000 120. It also varies on the part of maximum cutting area with 375 mm to 50 m for CE 5000 40, 603 mm x 50m for CE 5000 60 model and 1213 mm x50 m for CE 120. The 40 and 60 models deliver the force of 300 grams from all sides whereas CE 120 delivers the force of 450 grams. The media widths with maximum of 484 mm and 712 mm for 40 & 60 models whereas 1346 mm for 120 & the minimum widths of 50 mm for first two and 85 mm for the 120 model. These master models are easily operatable favorably attached with any latest PC and desktops.

All the above-mentioned specifications vary on the part of Graphtec authorized films and the cutting conditions, and also largely on there maintenance.

Graphtec CE-5000

If you are searching for high-class performance based cutting plotter that would provide the benefit of greater reasonability then you are at right place, as at this place you would be able to get all the details and specifications of different models of Graphtec CE 5000 series. CE 5000 models are highly added with advanced and improved technical features, making your cutting more accurate and advanced. Whether its about high class lettering or signage or cutting or even plotting then opting for Graphtec plotter is the best option. This is said because the internal series of this brand has its own master specifications and aspects.

The series can be opted as per your needs and demands about plotting. The menus of these series are designed in such a manner that has all the detailed command tools. Also it is filled with various improved technical aspects through which you can easily opt for your basic needs for plotting that sheet.

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