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Vinyl Cutter Laser Engraver Radium Supply

Well if you are planning to launch or buy Vinyl Cutter its highly advisable to know about the specifications of this machine which will ultimately make your buying experience a big hit. Before starting with the 'know how specifications' lets take a quick glimpse of what exactly these cutters are used for. In simple language it can be said that these are the machines, which are largely used for making shapes and cuts from the vinyl fiber sheets. It is operated by a computer, wherein the commands are passed through few clicks that makes the excess easier and quicker.

We provide the following Vinyle Cutting machine

RS 720
RS 800 C

CE5000 40
CE5000 60
CE5000 120


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Laser engraver is a machine that is a method to make engraves on an object or surface. There are various machines available in the market that is largely used to engrave a substance. It is similar to a printer that is attached to computer through which commands are passed and in the same manner laser engraving machines are plugged in to computer through which the commands can be given.

We provide the following Laser Engraving machine

Table Top
X1 model
X2 Model
X3 Model

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Radium is a radiation source in some industrial radiography devices, a technology similar to x-ray imaging used in industry to inspect for flaws in metal parts. When radium is mixed with beryllium it becomes a good source of neutrons, useful in well logging devices and research. Radium also has been added to the tips of lightening rods, improving their effectiveness by ionizing the air around it.

We provides

  • Justright Radium
  • Nikkalite Radium
  • Sunbaord
  • Acp Sheets
  • Vinyle
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